You have the dream of spending some time abroad but you don’t know what to do? You know you have the possibility to study abroad, whether for a semester, a year or even more. But that’s not exactly what you want. What you’d like is to have a different experience abroad, other than studying? Let us help you.

Sometimes there are so many options and we don’t even know that they might be our ideal one. The experience of living abroad is unique and special for anyone who dares to go through it. It is a time of growth, development and a lot of learning and there is an experience suitable for everyone. We have separated this list, for you, by objectives. Find what best suits you and embark on the adventure we presented to you. It will certainly be an incredible experience.

Developing Yourself: Volunteer Work 

Volunteering is one of the best options to get to know the world and, at the same time, get to know yourself, your skills and even your limits. Besides, it is an opportunity to help a community, whether it is by teaching or providing some kind of help, or even the planet earth. 

There are so many volunteer initiatives that aim to create a better world by stimulating not only the spirit of help, but also the will for personal development. Volunteering is giving, but it is also about receiving.

Gaining Professional Experience: Internship Abroad 

If you want to get to know a new country or city and gain work experience, then an internship abroad is the perfect option for you. This experience will bring not only benefits to you in the course of it but also in the long term since it is an experience highly valued by companies. 

Furthermore, an internship abroad also brings you the possibility of having contact with people from all over the world, working in a stimulating environment and also gaining practical knowledge of what it is like to work in a company. You may also have the opportunity to be invited to extend your contract and stay in the company for a few more months. Wouldn’t this be a great opportunity?

Seeking for New Projects: Working Abroad 

This way of spending time abroad may seem similar to the previous one, but there are some differences. An internship abroad is a temporary experience. Of course, there is always the possibility of joining the company in a more permanent role. However, you should assume, at first, that this will be a temporary experience.

On the other hand, having a permanent contract to work in a company abroad, involves other aspects. In this case, you can assume that it will be a more lasting contract and with the aim of progressing in your career, within that company. Moreover, you may well have the possibility here to start building your personal future, in another country. And what does this mean? That you will be able to start putting down roots in this new city, which will be your home for a couple of years, as well as start bringing the culture of the place into your own life.

Getting Involved in a New Culture: Au Pair Program 

This program has a different component from the regular volunteer work. In this program, you will have the opportunity to work, study, travel and have fun abroad. All this, while you are inserted in the home of a local family, in exchange for providing support to their children.

This is a volunteering program that exists since the 19th century, in which many young people have been involved and which stands out for this component of insertion in the local culture. In this program, you will have the opportunity to get to know deeply what it is like to live with a family, that has a different culture and habits from yours.

Embracing New Adventures: Travel Abroad 

Oh, how nice it is to have the opportunity to travel the world… It’s a completely different experience from all the ones I have presented above.

In this adventure, you will have all your time dedicated to exploring and getting to know the city from a tourist perspective. Besides, if you stay in a hostel you will have the opportunity to make new friendships, which can become your travel buddies. 

But if not, traveling alone is a phenomenal experience that will add a lot to you. In this case, you will have to overcome challenges that appear during the trip, totally by yourself. This is great for developing survival skills and the ability to adapt to any situation that appears to you, both in personal and professional life.

Spending time abroad brings numerous benefits to anyone who wants to embark on this adventure. Whichever way you decide to spend time abroad, you will certainly experience good times and bring a bag full of learnings and knowledge.

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Author: Sara Guerreiro

Sara is a Portuguese master’s student in marketing that loves to write in her free time. Besides writing, traveling and exploring what the world has to offer is something that she also loves. Her life motto is live now.

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