At SPEAK, we want to build a community of participants in each of our cities. Aside from our classes, we use events to gather people together and to share their languages and culture. These are great as people get to meet people from different courses and cultures and create an even bigger network of friends in their new city!


Language Exchange Event - Lisbon
Language Exchange Event – Lisbon

One of our most popular events is the Language Exchange event. It’s a brilliant way to get people together to practise their languages! This event is set up like speed dating. When you arrive, we note down the languages that you would like to share and improve, and match you with someone with the opposite languages. Different tables are set up for each language, and once everyone arrives, people then have around 10 minutes to chat in one language, then they speak in the other language for 10 minutes. After this, each person moves round so that they speak to a new person each time.

Language Exchange Event - Braga
Language Exchange Event – Braga


Not only is this a great and super relaxed way of practising a new language with native speakers, it is an amazing way of getting to know new people and making new friends in your city over a chat and a drink! These events have proven to be popular from the very first event of this kind which was held in Lisbon in September 2016. There was so many people that we nearly ran out of tables!


Language Exchange Event - Leiria
Language Exchange Event – Leiria

We have started off this SPEAK semester with a language exchange event in each of our cities. If you joined us there then thank you for coming, we hope you had a great time and learned something new! If you missed this one, then no worries! We will be sure to have another event like this later in the course.


Always keep an eye on the events page of our site here to see what we have coming up in the SPEAK calendar!

Author: Zoe Ford

Zoe is an intern at SPEAK from England, who loves learning languages and dancing salsa.

Author: Zoe Ford

Zoe is an intern at SPEAK from England, who loves learning languages and dancing salsa.

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