SPEAK is ready for the next big step – our expansion to Porto! We are happy to announce that our efforts paid off and we can say that we are almost there!

Now we need YOU to bring change to the community in Porto.

Think about this:

  • Do you want to share your language and culture?
  • Do you want to give people the possibility to experience a positive change in their lives by helping them in the process of integrating?
  • Do you want to get to know people from all over the world and create an international network?

SPEAK is passionate about languages, cultures and diversity in this world. We believe that every member of the society, no matter his original background, can contribute to the Portuguese society.

But in order to achieve this goal we have to connect people from different cultures, promote comprehension and cooperation between migrants and locals and break prejudices and intolerance along the way.

During this process people discover common interests, learn and explore new cultures and habits and create a network that makes them feel accepted and a valued part of our society.

Our idea is simple, but effective:

  • as a SPEAK volunteer you can teach your language and culture
  • as a SPEAK participant you apply to learn a new language and culture

At SPEAK you’ll find locals and migrants learning and teaching each others about their lives, values and cultures. SPEAK is a crossroad where cultures meet and decide to travel on together.

Be a volunteer

Believe us, it feels great to make a difference and change somebody’s world.


WHY Porto:

In total 23.701 migrants from 143 different countries live in Porto, which makes the population diverse and heterogeneous. Immigration is a rising phenomenon that has big economical, demographical, social and cultural impact on the society.

In Portugal, migrants are the group that is more entrepreneur. Also, migrants contribute financially to our social security system (they contribute more money to the social security system than they receive in social aid). Nonetheless, some migrant families, have no support network and struggle with integration.

SPEAK has managed to help solving this problem of social exclusion of migrants (expats and refugees) in the cities where it intervened, because SPEAK applies a methodology that promotes the creation of strong informal support networks.

Author: Daniela Sousa

Daniela is a volunteer at SPEAK – she is trying to write us the amazing stories that happen in SPEAK. She loves cats, books, cookies and Japanese.

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