Porto i/o is an independent project that began in 2013. It all started with Nuno Veloso and Turi Munthe, who decided to join forces and bring their project to Porto. Fast-forward a few years and now there are four different Porto i/o locations: Downtown, Riverside, Seaside and Santa Catarina.

The initial goal was to bring the wonder of tech into the heart of the city. However, Porto i/o became not only a tech hub but also a coworking space, with community, events and socializing over coffee as catalysts. All things digital (or not!) can be found there, so whether you’re a techie, digital creative, techpreneur, a four-legged buddy, or have any other profession, Porto i/o is a space where you can flourish.

All Porto i/o coworking spaces are located in a central area with easy access through both public and private transport. Besides a spot at the table and a comfy chair, there are some other things you can get while at Porto i/o: a much-needed high-speed Wi-Fi, kitchen access, a chill-out lounge, a shower, and standing desks along with free drinks and snacks.

Porto i/o is focused on its community.  Thus, their main focus it’s their people and how to make them happy, fulfilled, comfortable, and welcome in each Porto i/o coworking space! That way, the priorities consist of finding common activities, both personal and professional, that coworkers can experience together, such as dinners, get-togethers, surf classes, international events, meetups, etc. 

Coworking || The reality 

Coworking spaces are considered a public space, and they are starting to become the reality of freelancers, remote workers, and those who are looking for a community to fit in – which sometimes can be a real challenge!

Sometimes, people get concerned about fitting in the environment of an already existing coworking space. So we’ve discovered a list of top 5 things that help coworkers feel more comfortable and welcomed:

  • A positive and supportive atmosphere;
  • An active, gender-balanced community;
  • Good amenities and clean spaces;
  • Being welcomed no matter your profession, gender or work-position;
  • Co-organized common activities for smoother connections (both professional and informal).

Coworking spaces can help its members thrive! 

There are many types of coworking spaces that you can call your second home. We selected a few to help you choose the right one according to your goals and expectations.

  • One industry-focused co-working spaces (e.g. space for architects or designers etc.);
  • Private offices;
  • Makerspaces;
  • Female coworking spaces;
  • Business-centers (some may call them co-working spaces);
  • Pet-friendly coworking spaces.

Pros and cons of being a member of a coworking space

Being at a coworking space is not just about sharing an infrastructure, costs, and desks. It’s about being part of a community (or as Porto i/o likes to call it – family) with all its pros and cons. 

And that family eagers for a place to be productive, to build relationships, to be part of a collaborative environment, to have a new dynamic in their lives- In the end: to be part of something bigger. 

  • Networking: the sense of not being alone in the process means the world to people. Being able to network, find help and valuable skills for your business, make new friends and professional contacts all under the same roof; 
  • Flexibility: coworking spaces adjust to your necessities. Either you need a flex-desk, fixed-desk, part-time plan, week plan – you name it;
  • Freedom: not being obliged to be present at the company’s office, gives people more freedom to plan their day however they like, and with less pressure;
  • Comfort and low-maintenance: most people want to go to work immediately, without worrying about moving furniture, building a chair or handling electricity contracts;
  • Access to events: Porto i/o gives access to free events at their coworking spaces. Coworking spaces are also responsible for forming people and giving them access to initiatives that will make them grow (and have fun too!); 
  • Experience: getting to know the best in the city/country is a very important aspect to coworkers;
  • Good Wi-Fi connection;
  • Diversity
  • Distractions: coworking spaces are responsible for providing focus and inspiration to coworkers. Sometimes it just might not happen if the coworking space is located in a popular area of the city or if there is some event after-hours and you are a night-shifter.
    You can’t compare a coworking space to a private office in terms of the noise, right? But if you are looking for a quite shared space, that might get tricky. Lucky enough there are different sounds-isolating solutions of all kinds. And some spaces have a no-calls at a desks policy. 
  • Workspace is not customizable: unfortunately, if you’re really into design, most coworking spaces have their design already made. Just choose the one that fits your taste the most.
  • Lack of privacy: in the open space, sometimes it’s harder to have your privacy. People are passing by, talking, or looking at your computer! For those who work with more sensitive/private business, it’s difficult to cooperate with all the professional confidentiality.

There are no right or wrong answers! Generally, co-working spaces present more benefits than drawbacks. Excellent advice is to visit the space and ideally, have a trial day to see how the dynamics go.  

If you’re curious about co-working spaces, drop by for a tour, or contact them through cowork@porto.io! 

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Author: Carolina Roseira Rodrigues

Carolina works at a coworking space in Porto:Porto i/o. She’s part of the marketing team and also manages the community of Porto i/o Downtown. Carolina loves cooking. It helps her relax and be creative in the kitchen. Doing sports in the early mornings is her favorite addiction, as she likes to call herself “a person of routines”.

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  1. I’ve been working from coworking spaces for over a year now and I love the environment. I don’t feel like my productivity is being hampered by noise or anything, which is something that I struggle with in my own home office. The price point is super reasonable and it has really helped me grow as a freelancer.

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