Agathe at SPEAK event

Learn Italian in Turin in nice places!

My arrival in Turin was a beautiful time of discovery!
A few months ago, I began a new chapter of my (small) life with one objective: to learn Italian in Turin! I come from Normandy in the North of France so I was a bit afraid of missing too much our strong & tasty cheeses. At the same time, I was very excited to discover a new way of life : la Dolce Vita!

Sorry for my Portuguese! I still learn Portuguese every day.

Have you ever tried to learn another language or learn Portuguese? When I first arrived in Portugal from Syria, I felt like I am among an alien species and since I set foot in Portugal, four years ago, I still learn Portuguese everyday.

When I arrived, I knew not one Portuguese word. I studied a master’s course in Porto and lived in Vila de Conde, a beautiful city in the north of Portugal.

Marius Experience @ SPEAK

I’ll start with a disclaimer:
It’s impossible write everything in one post. I’m trying, but you know how one thing leads to another… In the end I’m just removing stuff like that. This is personal experiences, no objective or general truths won’t be mentioned or revealed. Also thoughts and quality of text can sometimes lose the flow – English is not my native tongue after all ^^ And yeah, grammar nazis – WATCH OUT! End of excuses.

Belém, the District of Discovery

It is clear from the moment a person sets foot in Lisbon that it is a beautifully aged city, with it’s narrow, limestone paved streets, picturesque squares and impressive monuments. Just take a walk through the centre of the city, and you will feel just like a modern day Dorothy discovering the world of Oz, “I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore”.

The city of Belém, a short 15 minute train ride away from central Lisbon, is no exception. This district is famous for it’s remarkable monuments and rich history. It is popular with tourists from all over the globe who flock here to visit the abundance of museums and to try the famed Pastel de Belém, but also with Lisbon’s own, many of whom would name Belém as their favourite place to visit in the city.