SPEAK @ Leiria

Leiria is a special city, because it is where SPEAK took its first steps! SPEAK was born in Leiria in September 2012. It started as a Language Exchange program, but today, four years later and having gone to six other cities and looking forward to the launch of SPEAK in Italy, it is a global community, where diversity, equality and the democratisation of the language learning are promoted.


Arriving to a new city: 6 tips on how to make your life easier

You have arrived. You’re looking around and you see completely new surroundings, different environment, maybe even totally different flora and fauna. Your suitcases and boxes are looking at you, asking to finally unpack them. What’s happened? Well, it looks like you’ve moved abroad. Maybe you’re thinking “what the hell I’m doing here”? “What have I done”? Don’t worry, that’s normal and soon you will forget these thoughts and start calling the new place “home”.
I’m sure, cause I’ve done that.

Moving to Portugal? Speak by your side

Most of the people in a time of their life come to face and accept the choice to move somewhere else, take the courage in their hands and pack their bags. Others for some professional or personal reasons find themselves obligated to say goodbye to their friends and family and start a new life kilometers away from where they grew up.

Moving away sounds exotic and exciting, but easy is not the term to define it.