SPEAK has arrived in Coimbra

Bringing SPEAK to Coimbra is a great achievement for our city! It became possible last year, as ESN Coimbra – Erasmus Student Network Coimbra –  and SPEAK started to work together.


Erasmus Student Network

Have you ever heard about Erasmus Student Network

ESN is an international student organisation and one of the biggest in Europe. Our aim is to integrate and connect people, wherever they come from, promoting mobility as a lifestyle. 


ESN Coimbra old friends talks- SPEAK Coimbra has arrived
“It all starts with Erasmus, that’s the origin. When we take the first step abroad into the unknown and leave behind everything we know. It may sound funny, but in this separation, we are truly coming together.”

ESN Coimbra is part of a network at the local level. It is composed of a team of 30 volunteers. They work to cooperate with local higher education institutions through values of peace and cultural exchange.

We are always striving to uphold our motto ´Students Helping Students´. Does all this sound familiar to you? If it does, we are not surprised!

ESN Coimbra guided tour- SPEAK Coimbra has arrived
“We forgot about those differences and were curious about each other. Everyone understood that differences are not the reason for a division after all. We Were United in Diversity!”

Overall, the willingness of these two institutions to join forces and work together can only predict the start of something great! 

You can be a participant, and join a language and culture exchange group or be a buddy and help others learn a language and culture. In addition, as an ambassador, we will organize events that bring the whole community together. Let’s share our world!.

Author: ESN Coimbra Team

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) aims to support students while on exchange programs, supplying information and help that can be voluntarily given by its members. ESN Coimbra is a section of the Portuguese network, ESN Portugal, and of the international one, ESN International. Getting Mobility as a Lifestyle.

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