SPEAK Brussels

SPEAK Brussels is happening

SPEAK Brussels is here! Belgium is a country of cultural and linguistic diversity.

We are Chloé and Nicolas and we are taking SPEAK to Brussels. We are both living in the city, we are both convinced of the added value that SPEAK can bring with the informal approach to integration, the value of social interactions and believing in a global community that works together to strive for the biggest social impact regarding one of the biggest ‘topics’ these days – the topic of migration.

Agathe at SPEAK event

Learn Italian in Turin in nice places!

My arrival in Turin was a beautiful time of discovery!
A few months ago, I began a new chapter of my (small) life with one objective: to learn Italian in Turin! I come from Normandy in the North of France so I was a bit afraid of missing too much our strong & tasty cheeses. At the same time, I was very excited to discover a new way of life : la Dolce Vita!

Sorry for my Portuguese! I still learn Portuguese every day.

Have you ever tried to learn another language or learn Portuguese? When I first arrived in Portugal from Syria, I felt like I am among an alien species and since I set foot in Portugal, four years ago, I still learn Portuguese everyday.

When I arrived, I knew not one Portuguese word. I studied a master’s course in Porto and lived in Vila de Conde, a beautiful city in the north of Portugal.