“Milan? It’s not really worth it!”.

There’s nothing to see beside the Duomo”.

You know? It’s the business capital of the Country!”. “It’s not really the True Italy”.


If you have ever heard, at least, one of these comments, then you should know the truth.  

Old and Modern, Auster and Creative, Elegant and Transgressive: Milan is the city of opportunities and contradictions; the center of business and fashion, of people and multiculturalism.


If you are wondering if adding Milan or NOT as the next step in your Wonderful-Tour-through-Italy, here there are few things you need to know before making your own decision.


Every time I feel like taking a suggestive walk, running or just escaping from the urban jungle, Parco Sempione is my favorite spot. Especially, in the autumn season when shades of yellow and orange color all over.

This huge beautiful park makes your visit already worth. It’s definitely not a boring park and it will surprise you with its positive vibes and Sundays afro-beats!


Not many people are aware that in a small area of just less than 2 km you have the chance to visit the greatest beauties of the City: the Duomo, the Real Palace and the Sforzesco Castle.

The Castle, originally belonged to Visconti family, hosts several museums, where you can find works by Michelangelo, Da Vinci and Bramante. A lot of cultural events and artistic performances are organized throughout the year. Check them at the official website


When walking through the neighborhood of Brera, you feel as you were taken to the past! Brera is the historic core of the City with its romantic streets and corners.

Here you can visit the Brera Fine Arts Academy and Pinacotheque; get lost in the botanical garden or sneak in the astronomy observatory at the upper floor (even better if it’s a rainy day!).


Doesn’t matter what you are doing. If it’s 7 o’clock. In Milan this means Aperitivo hour! The characteristic area of Navigli, with its charming canals (Piccolo and Grande, hopefully at a good flood stage) and thousands of bars, is a great place for it.

In Navigli district you can also find small vintage shops, galleries and artistic studios hidden down side streets. Check the 10 best spots for an aperitivo. Cin Cin!


Art lovers or not, in Milan you have the chance to reawaken your creative side.

From neoclassical to modern and contemporary art, to fashion and high-class design: the number of museums exhibitions, art galleries and creative events is infinite! Cool things happen also a bit far away from the centre, in small cultural and community centers. These are my favorites: Macao, Leoncavallo and Circolo Magnolia.


You’ll love it or hate it..but anything you can think of, you can do it here!

In Milan, there’s even the SEA! And I am not joking! Check the brilliant project Mare Culturale Urbano (Urban Cultural Sea) started in 2012, a center for artistic experimentation and social innovation…that floods the city like a powerful healthy seastorm!

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Author: Michela Paolicelli

I am Full Stack Marketer at SPEAK. My daily mission is seeking the beauty in the world and find a way to spend most of my time in a lost esplanade!

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