In our #FounderFriday blogs, we introduce you to our founders. These people took SPEAK to their city to make it a place where everyone feels at home and where diversity is championed. Today we give you the chance to meet Mohini, the co-founder of SPEAK Dublin in Ireland.

Can you introduce yourself?

I am Mohini, the co-founder of SPEAK Dublin, a pharmacist, and a marketing professional. I worked in an Indian pharmaceutical company for 2 years, then moved to Dublin to pursue a Master’s in Marketing. Since then I’ve been working with a pharmaceutical organization in Dublin.

I piqued my interest in learning languages when I was introduced to French in school. Apart from being a language enthusiast, I am a trained Indian classical dancer. I continue to follow my dancing passion even in Dublin. Besides that, I am also very fond of exploring different places, meeting new people, and embracing diverse cultures.

The founders of SPEAK Dublin
Mohini, Beatriz, and Mariana, co-founders of SPEAK Dublin.

Why did you become a SPEAK founder?

When I heard about SPEAK Dublin, the idea of ‘sharing your world’, working towards inclusion, and making a difference in the city, resonated with me. My passion to create a cohesive community and bringing the world closer, made me embark upon this exciting journey. I have been associated with SPEAK Dublin, for the past 1 year, along with 2 other co-founders.

Tell us about the first time you ran a language group in your city – how was it?

One of the first language groups was the English Basic 1 group in which I was a buddy. It was a great experience. Apart from sharing English, these sessions provided an opportunity to connect with participants from different countries, and exchange about our cultures. Also, get to know each other, and make new friends.

The co-founder at an event in Dublin
Mohini representing SPEAK at an event with their partnership

What is the most rewarding part about being a SPEAK founder?

SPEAK is not limited to language learning. Meeting people from around the globe, collaborating with different partners/organizations in the city, and working for a greater cause of social inclusion is the most rewarding aspect.

What was the biggest challenge you face, and how did you overcome it?

Since SPEAK Dublin is still in its budding phase, the major challenge was finding buddies. We tackled this by spreading awareness through social media. Additionally, we strengthen our presence on Instagram and Facebook, by posting content regularly. Which helped us in reaching more people and finding buddies and participants.

What impact has SPEAK had on your community?

Though SPEAK Dublin has only been around for a couple of years,  we have had several online groups in the past. Partnering with organizations and universities for language groups and events also has been helpful to reach more people in Dublin. We aim to increase our reach in the coming years and help people to learn languages, make friends and have fun.

Is there a particular moment or memory that stands out for you?

Above all, the event we had in Dublin with Gradguide was a memorable experience. It felt great to represent SPEAK and receive positive feedback from the audience.

Another moment that stood out for me, is the appreciation I received for my blogs. Absolutely, this instilled curiosity about this project, and my friends joined SPEAK as participants.

How was being a SPEAK founder impact your life?

Being a founder at SPEAK has truly been an enriching experience. I resonate with and truly believe in SPEAK’s vision of ‘sharing your world’, working towards social inclusion, and making a difference in the city. It feels great to work towards creating a cohesive community and bringing the world closer.

Mohini, sharing the Dublin community what is SPEAK

Also, it has opened many avenues- from writing blog posts for SPEAK to handling the social media account, to organizing events. I enjoy every aspect of this project. It has also boosted my confidence and improved my interpersonal skills.

What kinds of relationships/connections have you built with your community?

I am grateful to be a part of this community. SPEAK has helped me build a strong network of friends and colleagues from around the globe. By being a founder, I get a chance to interact with people from different backgrounds and organizations in Dublin. Also, being a buddy at SPEAK has been a wonderful experience! Apart from sharing English virtually, these sessions provided an opportunity to connect with participants from different countries, exchange about our cultures and make new friends. 

What does social inclusion mean to you?

For me, social inclusion is feeling part of the society you are living in. Along with, not being deprived of any opportunities based on the vulnerable groups you belong to.

Support SPEAK Dublin

Do you want to help SPEAK Dublin to scale impact and reach more people who can benefit from our SPEAK community the most? Visit our website to become a buddy at Dublin. Do you want to know more about Dublin? You can also read ‘7 attractions in Dublin That Are Definitely Worth A Visit’.

Author: Mohini Soman

Mohini is a marketing professional and a Co-Founder at SPEAK Dublin. Hailing from India, she now works in Dublin. Apart from being a language enthusiast, she is a trained Indian classical dancer and is also very fond of exploring different places, meeting new people and embracing diverse cultures.

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