It can be very easy to get bogged down with the day to day with the busy world that we live in today. To forget the positives not just going on in our own lives, but of the world around us. This week, we decided to recognise some of the little victories for SPEAK and the world. We hope they put a smile on your face!


1. SPEAK has arrived in Amadora: 

Starting with the most recent achievement of our project, SPEAK has launched in another new city, Amadora! We are in the process of finding buddies and opening courses. So, if you would like to be a part of our project, sign up here!

2. Happiness Day:

 We should all be trying to spread a little bit of happiness in our lives to those around us. For this reason, Associação Fazer Avançar created the Happiness club. They decided that the 22nd of May should be Happiness Day each year. On this day, the streets are decorated with positive phrases, and activities are held to spread pure happiness.

3. Eurovision Song Contest 2017: 

One for Portugal, our very own Salvador Sobral won Eurovision 2017 with the beautiful ballad ‘Amar Pelos Dois’. Not only is this a great achievement in itself, it means that this great contest will be held here in Portugal next year!

4. Money raised for migrants in Paris: 

After the news that the ‘love locks’ from the Pont des Arts in Paris would be removed due to the immense weight threatening the bridge, they announced that these padlocks would be auctioned off. The proceeds of which being donated to 3 charities focused on helping migrants in the city.

5. A change to Spain’s streets: 

Many street names in Spain are still dedicated to fascist leaders from the Civil War era. A haunting period in Spain’s history. However, these streets are being renamed with names of Spanish women, a great step towards equality and a refreshing move away from the memories of the Civil War.

6. Entire flight and crew survives plane crash: 

A plane headed for South Sudan had to implement a crash landing after the pilot overshot the runway, with the plane wing hitting a car and setting alight. All 43 crew and passengers were evacuated safely and survived.

7. Steps towards gender equality in Saudi Arabia:

One of the most gender-segregated countries in the world has taken a positive step towards gender equality. There are reports that King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has issued an order for women to have more freedom to use government services, like healthcare and education, without needing the permission of their male guardian.

8. Free launderette for Rome’s homeless, courtesy of Pope Francis:

Six washing machines and tumble dryers have been donated to the free launderette opened by Pope Francis to help the homeless people of Rome. Detergent, fabric softener and irons have also been donated to help Rome’s most vulnerable. This comes in an initiative that has already helped with providing this community with showers, housing and meals for the poorest in the city.


Author: Zoe Ford

Zoe is an intern at SPEAK from England, who loves learning languages and dancing salsa.

Author: Zoe Ford

Zoe is an intern at SPEAK from England, who loves learning languages and dancing salsa.

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