Moving to another city can be an exciting event. Perhaps, you have had an unmissable job offer, or maybe you are looking for new opportunities. Maybe you just want to look for new adventures and break out of your comfort zone. Whatever the reason, there are some challenges that most people face when relocating somewhere new.

Despite all the advantages of moving to another city and finding a new place to call home, loneliness can be a serious problem. In fact, dealing with loneliness when moving to a new city is one of the most common problems that expats experience.

Fortunately, with little effort, there are lots of great ways to meet people in a new city. Here are our top seven ways:

Networking Events

Nowadays, there are many events created with the intention of connecting people, especially for expats. These events are very easy to find, through the traditional social media as well as through new alternatives, and can help you connect with people who are going through a similar transition. Meeting people who are having a similar life experience makes starting a conversation simple and fun.

Despite that, going to events can sometimes be difficult for shy people and introverts, who tend to steer clear of big groups.


Introverts, dread not! There are many applications for meeting new people. Sometimes it seems like all of them are about romance and that’s quite frustrating. But don’t worry, if you are not looking for a romantic partner, there are alternative apps designed exclusively to make new friends. 

Panion, for instance, allows you to connect with people in your area based on your common interests, all without having to leave the comfort of your home. It seems easier to make friends with people who share the same passions, right?


Volunteering is one of the best ways to connect with people who also have a passion for giving back. In addition to using your time to help those in need, when volunteering, you will certainly surround yourself with fantastic people with the same ideals as you and who support the same cause. Another one of the advantages of volunteering is feeling that you are part of and contributing to the community in the city that welcomes you.

Go ahead, look at organizations in your area, choose the one that best suits your values, ​​and give it a try!

Language Exchange

Learning a new language helps you to immerse yourself in a culture and communicate better with the locals. In addition, it’s a great way to meet new people. 

You can choose to take part in group classes where you will meet others on the same level as you. Alternatively, you can or learn from the locals for a more natural, but challenging experience. For this, you can use platforms like SPEAK, that joins you with local people, in order to create connections through community-led language groups and cultural exchange events. Panion can also help connect you to local people in the area who are looking for a language exchange. 

Join A Community

There are countless communities across all social networks about pretty much any topic you could possibly imagine. This ranges from the most general to the most specific topics. You can find groups for book lovers, solo travellers or even other expats in your new city.

The best-known groups are from Facebook, however, there are other options like subreddits or Panion communities that are more ethical and designed for making personal connections. 

Connecting with people within these groups is much easier and, usually, people are more willing to start a friendship with people in the same community since they already have something in common. The commitment to the group creates an added level of trust. 

Connect with co-workers 

Sometimes, it is difficult to be the new person in a company. It can feel like going back to school, when being new seemed like the end of the world, and it was impossible to penetrate social circles.

Despite this, people tend to be much more welcoming and easy going that we sometimes expect. So try to chat with your colleagues, go to lunch with them, invite someone for a coffee break and join all the events organized by your company.

Work out

In addition to staying in shape and healthy, exercising can bring immense social benefits and help your mental health. There are countless ways to make friends through physical activity.

You can sign up for the gym and participate in group classes. If you prefer a free option, you can join local groups that get together to walk, run, do yoga or other popular sports in your city.


Moving somewhere new is scary and risky, but it’s also an incredible adventure and can be an enjoyable experience. While loneliness is a common issue for newcomers, there are plenty of ways to overcome it. Find a community and group of friends that will maintain your social well-being and improve your mental health. 

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Author: Inês Raeiro

During her degree in Management, Inês developed her passions for entrepreneurial projects and digital marketing. Her desire to live a life of continuous learning has led her to embrace an international career, searching to break barriers and get out of her comfort zone.

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