Extend your journey by travelling on a budget.

Living a nomadic lifestyle has been gaining popularity over the last years. The idea of living in different countries while experiencing new cultures and still being able to support yourself can be very compelling. Although this might be the dream of a lot of people, the high cost of travel means only a few can really do it. Luckily for you (and us), there are different alternatives to keep following the dream even if you have a limited budget. Take a look at the alternatives below and see how you can extend your trip by travelling on a budget!

Volunteering abroad.

There are different kinds of volunteering abroad you could try while extending your trip. Usually, these institutions provide accommodation and sometimes stipends for other expenses, while you also have the benefit of an invaluable cultural exchange! Helping kids, taking care of animals, or working in sustainability initiatives are only a few options. The important thing is that you find a cause that speaks to you and helps those in need. 

Work away, Who lives, VSO International, UN Volunteers

Work exchange.

Another way to extend your trip on a budget is to do a work exchange. The most common options are working for hostels or bed & breakfasts in exchange for food and accommodation. There are a few platforms that offer this exchange. Like volunteering somewhere you don’t know, this offers an opportunity to explore new places and make new friends, without breaking the bank. If you’re interested in permaculture or alternative lifestyles, other options include farms, homestays and even sailing boats. House sitting or pet sitting can also be a good way to keep the costs down. And besides free accommodation, you get to pet an animal!

Worldpackers, HippoHelp, Helpx, and Trusted House Sitters

Homestays and Couchsurfing.

Usually, one of the most expensive parts of a trip is the accommodation. Budget-friendly homestays and couchsurfing are some of the solutions to your problem. Couchsurfing is a platform that connects tourists with hosts all over the world, who offer free accommodation. It is also a very nice opportunity for cultural exchange, since the guest gets to hang out with the host, usually a local of the place.
Couchsurfing, Homestay

Remote work.

Using laptop outside on a table

Have you thought about being a digital nomad? This is the name given to people who work remotely so they can live pretty much anywhere they want. You can try to find remote positions in platforms dedicated to this, such as Remote OK. On the other hand, if you are a language aficionado, bilingual, with a good level of English, you could work as an editor for Unbabel Community, I know that because I work here! This Portuguese startup is committed to breaking down language barriers. We work with a blend of machine translation with a community of humans all around the world. Those editors are bilingual people who work for us in a gig model. While travelling for work on a budget, you can make money by using your language skills.
Remote OK, Unbabel

Experience new cultures.

Certainly, there are a lot of ways to extend your trip even if you do not have the money for that. All of the alternatives above will help you, not only to maintain yourself while travelling abroad, but also to learn about languages and cultures. I am very curious to know if you have tried any of my suggestions. Do not forget to comment telling me about your experience!


Author: Gabriela Amaral

Gabi Amaral is a community manager at Unbabel. She is Brazilian and Italian and has lived in Canada, Ireland and now in Portugal. As you can see, she has a thing for different cultures, languages and communities.

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