I’m Daniele. I studied law and I work for an insurance company. I currently live in Turin. Here’s the story about how I became a SPEAK founder in this beautiful city. 

Daniele in a city travelling in Turin
Daniele, Founder of SPEAK Turin

The beginning of my SPEAK journey

Everything started in January 2019 when I launched into my adventure with SPEAK before the pandemic. I was trying to find a language group to improve my French. After the first session with SPEAK, I was surprised! I met a lot of people and I also learned a language in a fun way, but I didn’t understand SPEAK’s purpose. 

Then, in May 2019, I went to the SPEAK Village in Lisbon and there I met the Central Team, and I discovered that this project was more than an easy way to learn languages. I received a lot from SPEAK (good vibes and the meaning of social inclusion, for example) and for this reason, I decided to give something to my community as a founder.

Social inclusion from the tolerance perspective

Social inclusion for me means not only the “integration of foreigners” coming from another country. It’s something related to tolerance. It means “try to include people who have different ideas and lifestyles even if they can be strange or uncommon”.

What SPEAK experience feels like as a founder in Turin

I finally decided to become a founder in April 2021. I really like SPEAK’s initiative and I think it’s time to change our society. It’s time to create a world in which everybody can feel at home everywhere, and can share their own ideas, and lifestyle without a problem.

Also, my life since I joined SPEAK as a founder has changed. I started to travel more than before and I have also discovered different cultures.

The most rewarding part about being a SPEAK Founder is to keep the community united. It’s not so easy to organize an event or language group but when you realize the impact you are able to make you feel satisfied. It’s amazing to see people enjoying the events. Thanks to my role I can give happiness and hope to people.

There have been challenges too

The biggest challenge I faced was after Covid when we had to start again with offline meetings. I remember the first offline event in 2021, there were only 4 participants. I was a bit sad at that time, but then little by little we started to promote our activities and in October 2022 we reached 30 participants! 

Group of people from SPEAK Turin during an event of SPEAK
Offline event in Turin

Thank you, SPEAK!

Thanks to SPEAK I met a lot of friends in my community. I have a group of ambassadors and buddies who help me to organize events. They are fantastic! If you have a strong group, you can face all the challenges.

founder, ambassadors and buddies from SPEAK turin having a drink
Daniele with the ambassadors of SPEAK Turin

Just like Daniele, you can also be part of the impact, giving happiness and facilitating social integration to people from all over the world. Join us as a buddy or become a founder yourself to make your city a place where everyone feels at home and diversity is championed!

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Author: Daniele De Prospo

Daniele is the founder of SPEAK Turin. He lives in this city since he was born. Also, he studied law at the university and now he works at an insurance company in Turin. Daniele’s passion for languages started in high school, where he learned English, Spanish and French. Apart from that, he can play the drums and travel and meet new people.

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