My name is Clara Aidos, I know I have a weird last name but I’m as Portuguese as it can get.  I’m the founder of SPEAK Castelo Branco

I was born in Faro and lived in Loulé for the first 2 years of my life. My mom and dad are from the Viseu area (Vouzela). They decided it would be best for my sister and I to grow up there. In 2010 I moved to Castelo Branco to study Radiology in Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco. Until today I’m still living in this amazing warm city.

I really like to be on the couch and watch movies and series but I also make myself go to the gym. 😉 I’m a vegetarian, I really love to cook and to try new recipes. 

My contact with multiculturalism started in 2015 when I decided to go abroad for my Erasmus.  I lived in the Czech Republic for 4 months and it changed my life. 

Not only now I have my family all over the world but I want to be connected with different cultures daily. 

Travelling was the disease I got infected it with. I want to see as many countries as I can. But since I have a friend almost everywhere I always feel at home 🙂  

After my Erasmus, I decided to help other international students in my city and soon after that Erasmus Student Network (ESN), Castelo Branco was created. As a volunteer I was the first President of ESN Castelo Branco. And then Events Manager of ESN Portugal and still I’m the main chair of our Portuguese General Meeting for 2 years now. 

When I heard about SPEAK I immediately loved it. It goes with everything I believe and it’s connected with what I’ve been dedicating my life to for these past years: Multiculturalism.

“3 million people every week move to a new city”. I have experienced that in my life and I feel a responsibility to help the ones that are going through the same in Castelo Branco. 

Help me grow the community in Castelo Branco! Join SPEAK Castelo Branco and learn to travel the world without living your city!

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Author: Clara Aidos

Clara is a graduate in radiology working in Bank of Portugal contact centre. She is Portuguese and has lived in 3 different places in Portugal and did Erasmus in the Czech Republic. She fell in love with multiculturalism. The past 5 years of her life have been dedicated to it.

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