My SPEAK experience: Diana Uzulina, Latvia

Hello everyone or “Sveiki visiem”, how we would say it in Latvian.

My name is Diana, I am 23 years old and I have been a SPEAK Lisbon intern from Latvia since September 2015. I studied Business Management in Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences in Latvia, and after graduating I decided to take a challenge and do an Erasmus+ internship to improve my skills, and maybe even change my life.

Why Portugal? Why Lisbon?

Hello SPEAK Ambassadors!

We have created the ambassador role to bring more efficiency and ownership to SPEAK communities. Ambassadors help building a stronger and multicultural network in Portugal. They connect migrants, refugees and locals in their city. They activate the community and help organizing events.

Challenges of young female migrants

Moving somewhere new whether it be down the road from your family home or to a different city or county has its challenges, advantages and disadvantages as anything in life.

But when moving to an entirely new country there are a lot of things that should be considered like whether you’ll be living alone, if you have family and friends there, what you’ll do for work, leisure and more, but there are also the things to consider such as race, gender and religion.

Moving to Portugal? Speak by your side

Most of the people in a time of their life come to face and accept the choice to move somewhere else, take the courage in their hands and pack their bags. Others for some professional or personal reasons find themselves obligated to say goodbye to their friends and family and start a new life kilometers away from where they grew up.

Moving away sounds exotic and exciting, but easy is not the term to define it.