Marvin is a refugee from Honduras, he’s part of the LGBTIQ+ community, and he’s currently living in a shelter for refugees, in Mexico, going after his true self.

ORAM refugee is an international organization that protects and empowers LGBTIQ asylum seekers and refugees globally, and they’re helping Marvin!

Below is the video of our conversation with Marvin and Yeray. So, this is a story of bravery and self-discovery of Marvin with the support of ORAM’s and its amazing work!

To understand more about the challenges that the LGBTIQ community faces check the blog post written by ORAM.

If you would like to learn more about others, other cultures and backgrounds, join SPEAK language and culture groups.

Author: Mariana Brilhante

Mariana is Chief Marketing Officer at SPEAK, she loves nature and adventure, has a sort of obsession for typical sayings!

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