Learning a new language is always fun, but sometimes it’s the learning process that makes the difference. How do you like learning a new language? Some people prefer face-to-face sessions, while others prefer to use mobile apps and do small exercises every day. What if you could have the best of both worlds? This is now possible, just download our app and start your SPEAK experience!

With the SPEAK mobile app, you will be able to learn a new language, meet new people and keep practicing between sessions. But, how is that possible? In this article, we will explain to you how we made this happen and how you can use the app to have a smoother and more engaging experience. 

1 – Challenges between sessions

Language group sessions are at the core of the SPEAK experience. Up until now, language groups were mainly a session-based experience — meaning that you’d mostly practice the language and connect with your group only during the sessions. Once the session was over, you’d only get to practice the language and interact with your group the following session. So, wouldn’t it be amazing to expand your language learning experience beyond the sessions? That’s why the SPEAK team came up with, in my opinion, the coolest feature of the app: challenges between sessions. 

After every session, you’ll be able to unlock a fun and interactive challenge that will help you practice the vocabulary that you learned in that session while sharing something cultural or personal with your group. This is what I would call a win-win situation! You’ll keep practicing the language you want to learn while continuously building meaningful connections with your group. 

You can find these challenges on the “Groups” tab at the bottom of the app.

It’s important to mention that, at the moment, this feature is only available for English, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish (Basic I, II, and III). We’re continuously working towards expanding this feature to all of our different language levels.

2 – Chat 

You can unlock the challenges, mentioned above, only after your session  – they’ll be posted on your language group’s chatroom. This chat allows you to interact with the buddies and participants from your group, making it easier to stay connected, just a few clicks away. You can share comments, feedback, pictures, fun stories, or simply ask any questions you may have. 

You’ll not only have access to your ongoing group’s chatroom, but you can also chat with past language groups. This way, you can still remain in touch with buddies, participants and friends that you have met along your SPEAK journey. This is what SPEAK is all about! 

Finally, the chatroom has a brand new user interface and features. You’ll get notified whenever a new person joins your group, so that you can welcome new group members and start interacting with each other. Moreover, your buddy will always be easily recognizable on the chat through a tag, so that you know from the beginning who to ask language related questions if needed. 

In short, this new chat feature will make your interactions with your group much smoother, easier, and handier. You no longer need to open your laptop to type on the chat. Now you have the possibility to stay connected with the people you meet in language groups directly through your smartphone.

3 – Automatically uploaded materials

We all know how important it is to have accessible materials and guidance when learning a new language. On one hand, it allows learners to follow the sessions in a better way. On the other hand, it helps you keep practicing the language during your free time. 

We humans aren’t perfect. There may be times where your buddy might have forgotten to upload and share the materials for the session with you. It’s not a huge issue — but if we can avoid this from happening, why shouldn’t we do it? With the SPEAK mobile app, this will no longer be a problem. All materials for the sessions are automatically uploaded and displayed anytime on your language group page, visible both for participants and buddies. These include ready-to-use activities, vocabulary items, and common expressions for each theme, as well as fun exercises and games. As soon as you join a group, you’ll be able to see the topics and materials that will be covered during the 12 sessions. So, you get a full overview of what you can expect from your language group from the very first moment. 

It’s important to mention that, at the moment, this feature is only available for English, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish (Basic I, II, and III). We’re continuously working towards expanding this feature to all of our different language levels.

4 – Giving feedback easily

SPEAK is all about sharing: you can meet new people, share and learn new languages and cultures, and exchange life experiences and stories. With the app, there’s something else you can share, which is extremely important to us: your feedback! We want our community to have the best experience possible, that’s why we’re always happy to hear your thoughts on what could be improved. 

We included a brand new feature that allows you to give us real feedback about your sessions, either positive or negative. After each session, you’ll be directed to a screen prompting you to share feedback with us.

Three main options are available: 

a) The session went well:

Everyone likes to get recognition and acknowledgment for a job well done. If you enjoyed the session and you want to celebrate it with your buddy, this is the button you should click on. By doing this, you’ll be able to share compliments with your buddies after a great session!

b) The session didn’t go well:

If you want to report any negative issues related to your sessions, this is where you should click on. Once you select this option, you’ll be able to tell us what you think could be improved. We take this feedback very seriously, so if you think there’s something we can do to improve the SPEAK experience, don’t hesitate to let us know. You don’t have to worry, this feedback won’t be shared with anyone in your language group. This remains confidential and is only for internal purposes.

c) I missed the session:

If you missed the session, simply click the button on the screen with the three options. This way we’ll have more transparency on the attendance levels in your language group. 

By selecting any of these options, your attendance will be automatically marked for that session, meaning that we’ll add these hours to your SPEAK Profile, where you can check your progress and history at SPEAK.

5 – Keep track of your SPEAK experience

Through our brand new Profile page, you’ll be able to keep track of your progress and history at SPEAK. You’ll get to explore very interesting stats, such as: 

  1. the number of hours you spend in the language groups’ sessions you joined.
  2. the number of events attended.
  3. the nationalities you have met along the way. 

If you’re a buddy, you’ll also be able to see the compliments that participants are giving you through in the “Compliments” tab. Finally, you can always check your full journey at SPEAK, with a full timeline that displays all the groups that you attended as a participant or led as a buddy.  

Let’s wrap this up! 

The SPEAK mobile app brings your SPEAK experience to the next level! You will be able to connect with people not only during sessions but also through the chat once the sessions are over. Moreover, you will have a continuous language learning experience: unlimited access to materials to go over the topics covered, challenges in between sessions, and a chatroom to ask questions and continue conversations. 

Have you already downloaded it? Get the SPEAK mobile app on the App Store or Play Store and start your brand new SPEAK experience! 
A big thank you to Outsystems and Google who are helping us build great technology for impact. <3

Author: Ricardo Páramo

Ricardo is Community Experience Specialist at SPEAK. He loves cooking and likes to experiment with cocktails.
He’s obsessed with music, all day everyday, so he’s always looking for new songs to add to his playlists.

Author: Clara Tripodi

Clara is Social Franchising Project Manager at SPEAK. As every Italian she loves food and she is always up for a good dinner in some new restaurants. Top 3 favorite things: concerts, brunch, and sunset.

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