Imagine that you crossed paths with SPEAK. You liked the idea, connecting newcomers & locals living in the same city inspires you for many different reasons. You want your city to accept, value and empower cultural diversity but you are a doer and you don’t stand for “hope”. Guess what, now you can.

We just launched a new program  – Take SPEAK to your city! -. You can now create your SPEAK.

Since moment zero we thought about scalability. The truth is scaling an online-to-offline model (O2O) like SPEAK is not easy. Scalability is tough, we had to iterate, develop automation processes, validate assumptions, and much more. The good news? SPEAK is finally ready to scale impact. We finally have the tools we need to empower and back you up on taking SPEAK to your city and we give you 3 reasons for you to do this:

  1. If you want to have an impact in today’s world, migrant integration needs to be on top of your list.

In SPEAK you will improve the day-to-day lives of people and communities. With SPEAK, you are providing a path of integration for migrants, refugees, and foreign students, building bridges between these people and the local community. You will be offering a new integration method through democratized language learning based on a crowdsourcing model fueled by newcomers and locals. You will create a platform in your city where newcomers and locals meet around a common need, as equals, to share and support each other.

  1. It works. The methodology was tested and iterated. No need to reinvent the wheel.

Although we officially launched in September 2014 we have been doing research and tests on this methodology since February 2012. It was a long process but we are finally tech-ready to scale impact. We optimised processes, went through different tests, and validated what works along time. Of course, there is room for improvement in different areas and now you can also join and shape the future of the project but the truth is – it works. Speakers build meaningful relationships and help each other. They complement their learning experience by developing a strong and informal network of support. Through SPEAK, many people have already been able to find employment, had received support in understanding how the national health system works, how to rent a house, how to participate in the local culture and traditions and, finally, had the chance to actually feel that they belong to the new city they’re living at.

  1. It’s an opportunity to build an impact venture and improve society while growing a business.

10 years ago I wanted to be a product manager at Google. At that time, for me, doing social good was about being a volunteer. No way that in my mind I could eventually try to use most of my time trying to solve social problems outside of big corps. I eventually was promoted to a product manager at Google but today here I am, trying to help this world become a little bit better but making sure we do it in a sustainable way.

If you are curious about the new program — Take SPEAK to your city — check the information in this page. If you have questions do not hesitate to contact us at  – -. Let’s do this?

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Author: Hugo Menino Aguiar

Hugo is co-founder of SPEAK, Global Shaper @ WEF and Ex-Googler. Awarded as best vegetarian lasagna cook in its street and surroundings. Uses #s like #socent #geek #adventure #nomad #kitesurfing and #lindyhop

Author: Hugo Menino Aguiar

Hugo is co-founder of SPEAK, Global Shaper @WEF and Ex-Googler. Awarded as the best vegetarian lasagna cook in its street and surroundings. Uses #s like #socent #geek #adventure #nomad #kitesurfing and #lindyhop

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