Next Stop -> Berlin!

It’s raining in Berlin and someone stole my bed at 3am this evening (crazy, right?). I arrived at 2am to an hostel and chose a 4 bed dorm for my first night. Two beds were free, I picked one randomly. At 3am someone comes in and says: “hey, that’s my bed”. I did that wtf-face but moved to the other option with no resistance. The guy gets my first option preferring a used bed to a new one – sometimes the world is a funny place. Anyway, Berlin is beautiful….

What does it mean to be a buddy at SPEAK?

At SPEAK, buddies volunteer their own time to give courses and I’m sure we’d all agree, we couldn’t be more grateful! But it can be quite a daunting task to take on the role of buddy for the first time, especially if you’ve never had experience in it before!

Marisa Mercês is a first-time Portuguese buddy with us from Porto, and she shares her experiences of what it is like to be a buddy with SPEAK. Thank you Marisa for your kind words and your hard work!

“I had never ever thought about teaching Portuguese. Honestly! But when I moved to Porto, and a friend talked to me about SPEAK and how I’d love it, I thought I should give it a try…..