From Germany with love – Mary Baumeister experience at SPEAK

Als ich vor zwei Jahren über das Erasmus Programm nach Portugal gekommen bin, habe ich mich direkt nach einer guten Möglichkeit umgesehen die Landessprache zu lernen. An der Uni wurden Portugiesisch-Kurse angeboten, sowie im Goethe Institut und vielen anderen Institutionen. Aber wie das als Student nun mal so ist, will man nicht viel Geld ausgeben und selbst an der Uni konnte man die Kurse nur gegen eine Gebühr belegen. Als ich einer portugiesischen Kommilitonin von meinem “Leid” erzählt habe, hat sie mir von Speak erzählt.

Next Stop -> Berlin!

It’s raining in Berlin and someone stole my bed at 3am this evening (crazy, right?). I arrived at 2am to an hostel and chose a 4 bed dorm for my first night. Two beds were free, I picked one randomly. At 3am someone comes in and says: “hey, that’s my bed”. I did that wtf-face but moved to the other option with no resistance. The guy gets my first option preferring a used bed to a new one – sometimes the world is a funny place. Anyway, Berlin is beautiful….

What does it mean to be a buddy at SPEAK?

At SPEAK, buddies volunteer their own time to give courses and I’m sure we’d all agree, we couldn’t be more grateful! But it can be quite a daunting task to take on the role of buddy for the first time, especially if you’ve never had experience in it before!

Marisa Mercês is a first-time Portuguese buddy with us from Porto, and she shares her experiences of what it is like to be a buddy with SPEAK. Thank you Marisa for your kind words and your hard work!

“I had never ever thought about teaching Portuguese. Honestly! But when I moved to Porto, and a friend talked to me about SPEAK and how I’d love it, I thought I should give it a try…..