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What would you say If someone asks you which is the most multicultural, craziest and fast-paced city in Europe? SPEAK has finally arrived in Madrid and we have a list of the best thing to do/see in this wonderful "New York of Europe"! Read more
Watching movies is a great way to enjoy the learning, especially now that we are in the autumn season. If you are learning French, you're now the lucky one! We collected 5 of the best French movies that are easy and fun to watch! Read more
"Milan? It’s not really worth it!"."There’s nothing to see beside the Duomo"."You know? It’s the business capital of the Country!". "It’s not really the True Italy". If you have ever heard, at least, one of these comments, then you should know the truth.   Read more
We are told that one key to happiness is mindfulness, which is being 100% conscious of the present, living the moment without making any judgment according to past experiences or future expectations; and actively listening to your sensations. But what about imagination and the daydreaming nature of human beings? Read more


The Lisbon Municipality, through the Social Rights arm is supporting Portuguese learning for migrants by offering scholarships for those who don’t have the financial capability to pay for the courses.

SPEAK is a language and culture exchange programa where anyone can sign up to learn a new language and culture and also to help others learn their own language.

We are now having Portuguese courses of 18 hours throughout 12 weeks, you will also have access to SPEAK events free of charge, join us and SHARE YOUR WORLD!

Sign up now on


Photo by Peter Gauster
As you may know, at SPEAK we love anyone who tries to connect people, build new bridges and whoever believes in the power of collaboration. For this reason, we like to share meaningful stories about those who have made networking their primary mission. All of today’s stories have began in Berlin, the city where SPEAK has just started with new events and the same big dose of enthusiasm. We found here a lot inspiring initiatives that have in common an amazing collaborative spirit. Read more
Als ich vor zwei Jahren über das Erasmus Programm nach Portugal gekommen bin, habe ich mich direkt nach einer guten Möglichkeit umgesehen die Landessprache zu lernen. An der Uni wurden Portugiesisch-Kurse angeboten, sowie im Goethe Institut und vielen anderen Institutionen. Aber wie das als Student nun mal so ist, will man nicht viel Geld ausgeben und selbst an der Uni konnte man die Kurse nur gegen eine Gebühr belegen. Als ich einer portugiesischen Kommilitonin von meinem “Leid” erzählt habe, hat sie mir von Speak erzählt. Read more
Since the beginning of 2017 the Italian city has offered the opportunity to migrants, foreigners and locals to gather together in an informal way, sharing knowledge and going beyond the traditional learning method. In fact, in Italy asylum seekers are generally included in the public schooling system, where classes are entirely formed by migrants and the aim is to bring the participants to reach the A1-A2 level and get the middle school certificate.... Read more
It’s raining in Berlin and someone stole my bed at 3am this evening (crazy, right?). I arrived at 2am to an hostel and chose a 4 bed dorm for my first night. Two beds were free, I picked one randomly. At 3am someone comes in and says: “hey, that’s my bed”. I did that wtf-face but moved to the other option with no resistance. The guy gets my first option preferring a used bed to a new one - sometimes the world is a funny place. Anyway, Berlin is beautiful.... Read more
Hi everyone! You may have seen our names pop up on your newsfeeds/discussion groups/emails from time to time, and now that we are leaving the SPEAK team, we thought we would finally introduce ourselves ;) We are both languages students from the UK, who came to Lisbon to work with SPEAK this year as part of our degree. We never had experience of any kind in start-up projects, so as you can imagine... Read more
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